Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 

held at Hinton St Mary Village Hall

on Tuesday May 11th  2021 at 7.15pm



Chairman –     Kevin Jones (KJ)

Councillors –   Steve Johnson (SJ) Jo Curtis (JC) Susie Burbidge (SB) Robbie Bartlett (RB)

Clerk –                         Vivian Hitchmough (VH)

County Cllr. Carole Jones


In line with Government guidelines the Village Hall was well ventilated and cleaned and social distancing was adhered to with seating and movement.   


2021.11           Apologies

2021.12            Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday November 3rd 2020 were agreed as  a true record and duly signed.

Minutes of the virtual meeting of Tuesday February 2nd 2021 were agreed as true record and duly signed.

2021.13           Matters Arising        None

2021.14           Declarations of Interest               None                     

2021.15           Updates from Officers



There were no planning applications to discuss although there are some in the pipeline.

Roads, drains and potholes

RB advised that there were more drains needing to be cleared in the village and an attempt was made to clear the drain by the public house although there may be some damage under the road.                                                                                   

Village Liaison and Village Garden

SB reported that there was to be a cleanup to the Village Garden on 22nd.

Speed Indicator Device

KJ considered the device to be an excellent investment and he is looking into obtaining more data to use as evidence for speeding using bluetooth.


SJ advised that pads and battery will need replacements later in the year and this will be arranged at the August meeting.   ACTION Matters Arising

Telephone Box           

KJ reported that he had volunteers to paint and clean the kiosk and prepare it for use as an information hub for the village.    SB will arrange information for the Mosaic to advise residents.  JC suggested maps of walks and footpaths around the village and SB suggested the history of the village.   All of which will enhance the use of the Information Hub.  ACTION SB

2021.16.          Finance

A cheque for the clerk’s salary was signed x two.

The clerk had circulated a bank reconciliation statement.

Cheques were prepared for the Village Hall and PCC donations.

2021.17           Reports County Councillor

Cllr Carole Jones advised that Speed Indicator Devices were being erected in Sturminster Newton.   She has tried to have a crossing at Stour Connect for the wheelchair and mobility scooter users.

Sturminster Newton Council have a new Town Clerk.

She reported that the newly aquired St Marys School in Shaftesbury will house 50/60 children and young people from September and numbers will increase to 284.   These will be mainly from Dorset and will have special needs.  It is hoped that it will also be a training facility for teachers and staff for special needs.   Yewstock school is full and new classrooms are needed there.

The Pantry is busy feeding 170/200 families a week, costing £1500 a week.

Families from North Dorset in crisis can access the facility and it could be redunancy, mental health issues, isolation or poverty which bring people to ask for help.   She is hoping to arrange an online cookery class, and there is a “Grow a Row” project where folk can grow some vegetables to donate to the project.   The Age Concern vegetable garden at the school will be upgraded .  “End of day” fresh food is donated by the supermarkets and RB suggested  a “Clear your shelves” project for tins in date but not used at home.

The issue of the lack of grid capacity still exists as there is no infrastructure in place to take the power back to the grid so developments and business park building is on hold.   It is a problem throughout Dorset and it is an issue which needs Government involvement.

Carole reported that there is a new Police and Crime Commissioner for the area who wants to be very active reducing rural crime.

2021.18           Questions from members of the public        

No members of the public were present

2021.19           Correspondence

No outstanding correspondence

2021.20           Any Other Business

The Chairman reported that unfortunately the Estate had said that the dog bin will not be allowed to be moved and another bin cannot be added.    SJ asked if more signage to promote picking up of dog waste would be suitable.   Cllr Carole Jones suggested a general waste bin rather than a dog bin.    RB said he had suitable containers if these were needed.

KJ said there were more issues with lorries trying to access Veals Lane, but there is signage which is ignored.  It is mostly delivery drivers and supermarket deliveries. Cllr Carole Jones will ask Adam from Dorset Council to look at the signage and  RB said he could arrange to erect new signage as he has the insurance in place etc.   It was thought villagers could and would sponser the signs.

SB asked about the fencing at Cutt Mill and the Estate has the work in hand over the next two months.    Unfortunately there is still a lot of rubbish strewn around, beer cans etc and there is concern that someone maybe sleeping in a car there.  JC had concerns about a rope across the public access but the Chairman assured her that this was, in fact private Estate land and no-one has right of way.  RB said it is understandable as the liabilities for health and safety are extensive.   Mrs Pitt Rivers intends to have allowances made for the fishing club to park in an area,at a later date.

JC was concerned about parking on the main road and the problems of people with mobility issues and prams having to go into the road to pass the parked cars.            Cllr Carole Jones said this was a local police matter and should be reported online.   She suggested Councillors each report this and then there will be a police presence to speak to individuals.

2021.21           Items for next agenda

                        Pads and battery for the defibrillator                                                                          

2021.22           Date of next meeting

Tuesday August 17th 2021 at 7pm


The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.15