Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 
held at Hinton St Mary Village Hall
on Tuesday February 8th 2022 at 7pm


Chairman –     Kevin Jones (KJ)
Councillors –    Rob Bartlett (RB) Steve Johnson (SJ) Jo Curtis (JC) Susie Burbidge (SB)
Clerk –             Vivian Hitchmough (VH)
County Cllr. Carole Jones
1 member of the public.

2022.01           Apologies

2022.02           Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday November 9th 2021 were agreed as a true record and duly signed.

2022.03           Matters Arising

 2022.04         Declarations of Interest

2022.05           Updates from Officers

Planning          JC reported applications for issues regarding trees in the Parish.  The Council made no objection.

Roads, drains and potholes
RB is arranging a meeting with Adam from Highways in the near future.

Village Liaison
SB reported there will be a tree planted on the green opposite the public house to celebrate the Jubilee.   The Parish Council agreed to donate towards the cost of the tree to commemorate the occasion.

SB said there will be a street party in June to take place in The Avenue or if wet in the Tythe Barn.

Village Garden
SB advised Councillors that a quotation had been received to carry out work to the garden as advised in the sum of £2,200.  Grant applications have been made.
Work by volunteers to take place at the end of the month. 

Speed Indicator Device
The Chairman said the feedback was still positive.  After three years the battery now needs to be replaced.  JC suggested purchasing one at the end of Summer to cover the Winter period.

SJ said the defibrillator was functioning well and he hoped to arrange  training in the Spring.   This will take place in the Village Hall and he  will advise the Mosaic in order to let everyone know.                                      

2022.06           Finance
A cheque for the clerk’s salary was signed.
The clerk had received  confirmation for the increase in precept to £2000.
She advised the Council that the nominal cheque for one pound securing the original BP offer for the telephone kiosk has not been cashed after a year.   However, the clerk now holds the signed contract for the kiosk.

2022.07           Reports

Cllr Carole Jones advised of budget meeting to be held at Dorset Council next week.    She reported that the increase in Community Charge for a Band D property will likely be £1.02 per week.
She reported a desperate need for foster carers in the area and asked people to come forward.
The Pantry is still very busy with more people coming forward needing support.
Carole advised that planning for the six authorities is now contained under one authority and this will be a major saving of time and money.

2022.08           Questions from members of the public
Shane asked whether speed limits could be changed in the village. The Chairman explained that this had been applied for many times but the criteria of school, nursing home etc does not apply to Hinton St Mary.   Shane said it was mostly courier drivers speeding dangerously on these roads and Councillors agreed.     RB asked if his vehicles were involved and it was agreed it was mainly cars and vans.    Cllr Carole Jones advised that there were new policies regarding speed limits taking place at the moment and she will advise if any new policies are adopted.

2022.09           Correspondence
                        No outstanding correspondence

2022.10           Any Other Business

The Chairman was hopeful that the White Horse public house with renovations completed will be open at Easter.    There has been extensive work to the building including new drains and water mains.  It is understood that Landlords have been short-listed with no final decision at the present time.
The Chairman advised that the Tythe Barn has been completely revamped, new toilets including disabled, stage seating with a snug area , new staircase and the hall opened up and extended to provide an impressive entrance.

2022.11           Date of next meeting             Tuesday May 10th 2022 to include the AGM

The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.30