Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held at Hinton St Mary Village Hall
on Tuesday August 10th 2021 at 7pm


Chairman –     Kevin Jones (KJ)
Councillors –   Rob Bartlett (RB) Steve Johnson (SJ) Jo Curtis (JC) Susie Burbidge (SB)
Clerk –              Vivian Hitchmough (VH)
County Cllr. Carole Jones

4 members of the public including Simon Fowler from Fowler and Fortescue Management Company assisting the Estate and Sally and Rob from Wessex Internet.

In line with Government guidelines the Village Hall was well ventilated and cleaned and social distancing was adhered to with seating and movement.

2021.23          Apologies

2021.24         Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday May 11th 2021 were agreed as  a true record and duly signed.

2021.25         Matters Arising
Dog waste.
The Chairman said that it had been reported that dogs were fouling in the Millenium Garden. Councillors considered that signage was the way forward and Cllr Carole Jones will investigate what signage is available. The Estate is agreeable to using the green or black bin available from RB and Cllr Jones will advise if the Council will empty the new bin.

Cutt Mill.
Incidents of trespass and vandalism have been reduced as the area has been closed this year to deter entry.

2021.26           Declarations of Interest

2021.27           Updates from Officers

The Chairman was concerned that no planning applications had been received by JC or the Clerk although building work from approved applications were going ahead in the village. Cllr Jones to check as to why notification is not forward from Dorset Council.

Roads, drains and potholes
RB reported that the edge of the tarmac on the road to Sturminster hasd still not been repaired and curb stones are coming loose. The Chairman is to meet with Adam from Highways with regard to several issues around the village. SB reported some broken flagstones and she will show RB the area of concern as he has some flagstones that can be used. JC said the drain by the public house is still running over.

Village Liaison
SB said she had not received any ideas regarding the telephone box which is now owned by the Parish Council, so Councillors suggested that with the archaeology dig taking place at the moment it would be a good place to use as a mini visitor centre with maps and information regarding the Mosaic.
SB had been approached by the Village Hall with concerns regarding the Village Show which had fewer entries this year due to circumstances and may need to be cancelled. The Chairman said it was to be held on September 5th
and those involved will need to make the decision

Village Garden
Dog waste which was dealt with 2021/25

Speed Indicator Device
The Chairman said the feedback was still positive. He will need to change the battery prior to Winter. He will soon be able to access data giving information on speeding etc which would be useful for future plans.

SJ said that he had inspected the equipment and reported to Dorset Ambulance service. The equipment now had new pads and a cheque was signed to reimburse SJ.

2021.28           Finance
A cheque for the clerk’s salary was signed.

The clerk had circulated a bank reconciliation statement.

2021.29           Reports
Cllr Carole Jones reported a new youth facility will be made available in the recreation ground in Sturminster Newton.

Dorset County meetings remain virtual with face to face meetings returning at the end of September.

Dorset Council have now stopped the courtesy of sending Planning applications to adjacent neighbours.

The Dorset Local Plan has had a huge response. The general feeling is a need to create two large housing areas in Dorset in order for the necessary infrastructure which is so inadequate to be built in.

The Pantry is to be registered as a charity and 190 families are being fed every week.

A group supporting autistic children is being created and it will include help for adult autistic folk living at home with carers.

Cllr Jones is constantly looking for funding with “Grow a Row” and RB suggested “Raid the Pantry” with collections around the village. SJ recommended a flyer to let people know which day tins etc were to be collected. SB suggested putting the information in the Mosaic.

2021.30           Questions from members of the public

2021.31           Correspondence
No outstanding correspondence

2021.32           Any Other Business

Simon Fowler from Fowler and Fortescue said he was committed to meet with people throughout the village to introduce himself as a representative of the Estate. He explained the necessity to erect a gate to stop access to Cutt Mill to prevent accidents through diving and swimming recklessly. He said it was now a lot quieter and there was a combination lock on the gate.
He said he was pleased to report that some small business were taking premises and there is a programme of works for the scaffolded building which could provide workshops and studios and a one bedroomed flat.
Peter Guest and his team of archaeologists will be starting on the dig on Thursday and there will be camping with toilets and showers and a place to store the treasures which may be found. They will be on site for a month.

Sally and Rob from Wessex Internet introduced themselves explaining that the company was founded in 2010 and they are a Broadband supplier and a local company completely independent with their own network. They take full fibre to people’s homes and instal for free working with Government funding. This is a Dorset Council project and the compnay has 93% satisfaction. The Council pay to connect a hub within a village, a hall or community building and this enables the fibre to be then taken to each individual house. They advise people to express an interest which will secure them a voucher. This will be held for twelve months. If the householder is still under contract they recommend a telephone call to the sales team to ensure that the connection will be there when the householder is able to change. Unlike the big companies working in towns and spreading out to villages, Wessex Internet target the villages first and understand the issues such as cottages with thick stone walls as they have their own mesh system. They suggested going on to their website and expressing an interest which will enable them to apply for a Government voucher. It is their intention to begin the build in late Autumn and their work is dependent on a 40% takeup. They explained that the village will have a ring built around it which will enable them to connect anyone at any time by leaving a coil at the end of everyones garden. Government have a commitment to connect 83% households by 2028.
The Chairman thanked them for coming to the meeting.

Simon Fowler reported that there was to be a new farm access track for the Estate and Bartletts and the application is going in shortly. He provided drawings to show the plan. It will be a paved track.

2021.33           Date of next meeting

Tuesday November 9thj 2021 at 7pm

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9 pm